We are pleased to present to you the 2005 Birchrunville Parade in streaming video. We have broken the entire parade into eight chapters so the file size is small and they will easily render on your screen. Plus, it allows you to easily locate yourself, family and friends. Each is about 4 minutes in length.

Our camera viewpoint was from the General Store area. We know that there was much activity up and down Hollow Road which we could not capture. If you have video of the parade in a MiniDV format and you want to share on this web site please contact us. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to Contact Us .



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Index of Birchrunville 2005 Fourth of July Parade Videos

Stars represent water performance excellence (giving and receiving)
How we rate a water performance

Wow!  What a wonderful production.  This is how life should be every day. So many smiling faces and shared unity!  You did a great job capturing the
joy of freedom in its purest form...fun!  Thank you for sharing.

 Holly Mosteller
 Comcast Spotlight
I never remembered B'ville as
such a jumpin' place!


Michael Bacon
Michael Bacon Music
230 West End Ave. 1BC

Chapter 1

  • pre-parade
  • color guard
  • hounds
  • first participants
  • 55 Chevy
  • yellow submarine

Chapter 2

  • guy on ATV getting well squirted and
    kids loading up on water
  • spectators
  • another guy on ATV
  • Good Humor truck
  • black pick-up truck & two girls on horses
  • Mercedes convertible with girls
  • dad and daughter on Ford tractor
  • black Ford pick-up truck
  • black Dodge pick-up truck with girls in bed ;-)
  • green vintage automobile
  • golf cart with umbrella getting soaked
  • green garden tractor with children in wagon
  • a bunch or kids on bikes, moms and dads

Chapter 3

  • red scooter with kid squirting and getting water bombed
  • Wendy the twirler and marching band
  • jeep with mucho agua, generator and pump
  • vintage military vehicles

Chapter 4

  • green SUV with trailer for water throwers
  • silver SUV trailering boat with water squirters
  • red pick-up truck with squirters in bed
  • V for victory/ vintage military jeeps, etc.
  • vintage red car
  • red ATV
  • ATVs
  • VooDoo DeVille

Chapter 5

  • horses with riders
  • kids on cycles and ATVs
  • white pick-up truck with squirters in bed
  • John Deere 4300 with wagon full of people
  • maroon Hummer with green wagon
  • red Farmall
  • vintage green car
  • black Ford Falcon
  • blue Ford tractor with wagon full of squirters
  • circus music

Chapter 6

  • orange "Tidewater Farm" tractor with wagon
  • orange Kubota tractor with hay wagon - good squirters
  • a realtor
  • white pick-up truck with trailer and buckets
  • maroon pick-up truck with squiters in bed
  • white pick-up truck with great squirters
  • white pick-up truck/ support our troops
  • white pick-up truck with singing babes
  • vintage military trucks
  • black pick-up truck
  • vintage blue Mustang
  • dad and kid on motorcycle
  • red Healy
  • John Deere with trailer with balloon baskets

Chapter 7

  • black Chrysler convertible with Live8
  • white 57 T-bird
  • vintage Cadillac
  • red VW Beetle convertible
  • kids on bikes
  • white & orange racing striped Camaro
  • maroon pick-up truck
  • orange Farmall tractor with wagon
  • orange tractor with wagon
  • yellow Ford tractor getting squirted
  • ATVs
  • JD Gator
  • VooDoo DeVille

Chapter 8

  • Post parade, Whitney, cast of characters and credits.

Fearless Managers present Sean Tyrrell

Fearless Managers

Sean Tyrrell

Midnight Court

2003 Parade Pictures by Francis